The best metro wordpress themes 2013

Amazing Metro wordpress themes 2013

K-BOOM – Events & Music Responsive WordPress Theme


K-BOOM is one of the powerful Music & Events WordPress Theme, it is meant to serve for Music Projects, Events, Portfolio or just for Blogging. It is a theme with ultra responsive layout adapting perfectly and allowing you to visit it from any devices you want. Being created with user experience in mind our customers will be more happy and with few click’s your theme is installed

Demo : Kboom-events-music-responsive-wordpress-theme

Rocket Board – Metro WordPress Theme


Rocket Board is a super awesome portfolio WordPress Theme with METRO style.
Not only portfolio that be able to used in the Rocket Board but blog posts can be applied as well.
You can set each thumbnail size as 1×1, 1×2, 2×1 or 2×2 easily. This theme also allow user to set specific colour on each metro box or just use the default colour from admin panel. You can also set the first state of metro box to show as colour box or show as feature image.

Demo : Rocket-board-metro-wordpress-theme

One Touch – Multifunctional Metro Stylish Theme


The most famous feature of the Metro Interface is the tile (color square width text or (and) icon). One Touch included tile generator into theme. Using it, you can add tile into the page, using simple editor. One Touch theme Tile generator allows you to edit text, numbers, you can select tile templates, insert icons, configure background. Create your tiles in few seconds, and have original site.

Demo :  One-touch-multifunctional-metro-stylish-theme

Parkour | Unique Horizontal Layout With Options

Parkour is a unique, horizontally built, fully responsive theme for WordPress. Parkour has all of the standard features of a WordPress Blog.

Demo : Parkour-unique-horizontal-layout-with-options


Inspired by Windows 8, Metro is a responsive, beautiful, minimal, and colorful theme that is perfect for blog and portfolio sites. Using the Tile custom post type, you can mimic the Metro design by showing various tiles: buttons, gallery sliders, images, maps, and text. Showcase your portfolio with either a single featured image or an image slider. Make your blog interesting by publishing different post formats such as: images, videos, quotes, galleries, links, etc. It comes with 9 different colors based on Windows 8′s Metro that you can apply to all or individually to all blog, Tile, and Portfolio posts.

Demo : Metro

Metro Rox HTML5 WordPress Multipurpose Theme

Metro Rox HTML5 WordPress Metro Multipurpose theme. The fast, easy, light theme will decorate almost any site on wordpress. It made with a high booster wordpress theme backend option which will help you to change anything from theme settings area. is flexible and comes with a predefined suffix class or widget class suffix. various widgets and PSD Sources for various graphics used on the demo site. It is fast loading and compatible >IE9+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari etc. So “Metro” is here at Themerox for your perfect choice

Demo :  Metro-rox-html5-wordpress-multipurpose-theme

MetroStyle Responsive All Purpose WordPress Theme

MetroStyle Responsive WordPress Theme! Original squared design and 1440 to 320 pixels keep this theme stay ahead of the curve. This theme can be applied to any business needs. Easy color and image selection with many design settings can help you transform MetroStyle into a unique business selling tool. The MetroStyle theme is SEO optimized and uses only CSS for fast loading. Our experts provide fast user support and quality assurance upon MetroStyle’s purchase.

Demo :  Metrostyle-responsive-all-purpose-wordpress-theme

Modern Metro – Responsive WordPress Theme

Demo : Modern-metro-responsive-wordpress-theme

Nemo – Metro Inspired WordPress Theme

Nemo is a metro inspired, full ajax site with a unique design. It’s a dark, minimal yet powerful wordpress theme. Nemo is a perfect theme for designers, photographers or other artist to showcase their work in a professional way. It has a compatible layout with mobile devices.

Demo :  Nemo-metro-inspired-wordpress-theme

MetroStore Premium E-commerce WordPress Theme

Demo : Metrostore-woocommerce

Metro Magazine

Metro Magazine WordPress theme is designed for news website and personal blog. It’s has a clean design and metro inspired website design. The theme is highly flexible, fully responsive and packed with a lot of useful features.

Demo :  Metro-magazine


The Best Premium WordPress Themes 2013

The Best Premium WordPress Themes 2013


Theme selection can be more easy while checking its reviews and rating. These Premium WordPress Themes are picked from themeforest and elegantthemes. These premium themes are responsive themes so it can give great view for the users who are accessing site from smartphones, iPhone, tablets and other mobile devices. This premium collection includes themes for blogging / magazine, photography, business, portfolio, personal, music and shopping. I hope the price will be fair for you.




Modelish WordPress theme is attractive and it is designed in modern style. The theme is designed for photography but it can be easily customize to blog, Portfolio or business site. Theme options have so much options. There are different options for homepage, portfolio page, journal page and contact page. Backup and SEO setting makes the theme more user-friendly.

d rating. These Premium WordPress Themes are picked from themeforest and elegantthemes. These premium themes are responsive themes so it can give great view for the users who are accessing site from smartphones, iPhone, tablets and other mobile devices. This premium collection includes themes for blogging / magazine, photography, business, portfolio, personal, music and shopping. I hope the price will be fair for you.




This Creative responsive theme is great for magazine/ blogging sites and photography. HTML5, CSS3 and BootStrap are used in this theme. Teddy have unlimited skins and 3 gallery layouts for portfolio post. It support Self Hosted Audio, SoundCloud and it is SEOfriendly.




Scoreme is a pretty simple theme that suit for magazine or personal websites. Scoreme includes Built-in rating system and different post format such as standard, video, audio, gallery, image, quote.




Muse is an awesome premium WordPress theme that is highly responsive and Retina Ready. It is built using HTML5, CSS3 and semantic. Theme is best for musical and events sites.  It have three different post formats.




Foxy is an another theme from elegantthemes. This theme is best for business websites. Foxy also have epanel theme option.


 BresponZive – 3 Style Magazine


BresponsZive is multi purpose free WordPress theme. This theme  can be used for News/Editorial sites, Technology Magazine blogs etc.


Andrina Lite – Free Business WordPress theme



Demo | Download


Simple n Bright



Demo | Download






 Clean Business



Demo | Download


Fusion Business WordPress Theme


If you are looking for a very good theme, you should use this, as you will get all you need in one place, without hiring any web designer. The admin panel has a feature through which you can adjust the colors of the different parts of your theme. This means you can make the background and fonts to have any desired color. Another cool feature also makes it possible for you to add social media or analytics snippets to your website.
Live Demo / More Info Fusion – by Elegant Theme

StyleShop eCommerce WordPress Theme




This theme is sleek and powerful, and best for launching a profitable online store. It can be browsed on mobile devices using most widely used internet browsers. Like the most modern themes, it is WC3 compliant. StyleShop theme is responsive as it uses media queries to activate various layouts for small screen viewing. Creating galleries, product brochures, sitemaps, contact pages and blog feeds is breeze easy. A truly eCommerce friendly theme for you.

Live Demo / Download StyleShop 


eStore eCommerce WordPress Theme


eStore is another theme you should consider if you really want to make more money through the internet. Without programming knowledge, you can configure it, and there are lots of integration options so that you can use eShop and Simple PayPal Shopping cart or any other of the free and popular ecommerce plugins on your site. The theme is also coded with valid HTML and CSS3 so that you would have a secure site for your visitors to shop.
Live Demo / More Info eStore – by Elegant Theme

Lucid WordPress Theme



Browser compatibility is one of the things which make this to be one of the most popular WordPress themes. The theme works well with the most popular internet browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and many others.
Live Demo / Download Lucid WP Template


Reference :

Metro Style Scripts and Tutorials for Web Developers

1. Creating a Metro Style Menu in HTML and CSS

More Details || Demo

Creating a Metro Style Menu in HTML and CSS

This is the best Metro Style Scripts to use since this will allow you to use its similar menu via your CSS, HTML, and JavaScript skills based on simple tiles that only have two different sizes.

2. Metro Notifications

More Details || Demo


This jQuery-based Metro style has 6 stylish plugins in one single file including small and big notifications, alerts, inputs, and loadings where almost all are responsive now except for the side panels.

3. MetNav

More Details || Demo


One of the very lightweight Metro style plugins that contains only 6KB of JavaScript, it follows the main features of the Metro style since it uses live tiles and supports all of the tiles’ content.

4. Metro Preloader

More Details || Demo


The best tool for web developers to set up their websites’ preloading easily, its best features include the modular design, nice-looking Metro design using Metro UI, CSS3 animations, multiple backgrounds, independent code, and unminified source.

5. Metro Login

More Details || Demo


One of the Metro style scripts that use jQuery and CSS3, the Metro Login can make your website look like the Windows 8 login screen.

6. Metro UI Template

More Details || Demo


For those who want to create their very own Metro UI-style websites, this tool offers a template using its best features such as content-scrollers, live tiles, slideshows, among others.

7. Metro CSS3 Mega Menu

More Details || Demo

Metro CSS3 Mega Menu

Fully-loaded with 5 images animations and 4 different tile layouts, it has well-documented Metro style plugins that are easy to install and use without using jQuery or JavaScript.

8. BootMetro

More Details || Demo


Built on top of the Twitter Bootstrap, this has simple and flexible CSS, JavaScript, and HTML for web apps that need cool minimal navigation in Metro style without having to run on Windows 8.

9. MetroTabs with jQuery and CSS3 Effects

More Details || Demo


For those who want to create tabs using the Metro style scripts, you can use this tool to align tabs, either in horizontal or vertical position.

10. Megafolio Pro Responsive Grid jQuery Plugin

More Details || Demo


Besides the fully-responsive plugins, it offers a variety of large options where you can choose from the styles provided from its preset or randomly-generated layouts.

11. MetroPanel – The New Navigator for Modern Sites

More Details || Demo


This offers some Metro style plugins that you can use not only to make great panels but also to improve your page speed.

12. Boot Metro – Metro Style Side Menu

More Details || Demo

Boot Metro

This has simple and clean features such as crossbrowser, 900+ SVG icons, high resolution, etc. using a valid HTML5 for cool minimal navigation.

13. tile Js

More Details || Demo


This has very interactive Metro style scripts allows you to select from preset tiles such as dripping paint, rasterizer, PAP, concentric, interactive topography, and so much more.

14. Metro Flexible Navigation

More Details || Demo


This tool is used to customize websites not only horizontally or vertically, but also to make them drag-able and scrollable with the use of sliding controls.

15. jQmobile metro theme

More Details || Demo


Designed to work with Cordova on Windows Phone 7.5, it has Metro style plugins such as the backButtonHandler.js, dateTimePicker.js, etc. for optimal integration.

16. Onemenu – Responsive Metro UI Menu

More Details || Demo


A lightweight jQuery navigation menu plugin, it has unlimited menus, responsive design, etc. that works on almost all platforms.

17. MelonHTML5 – Metro Gallery

More Details || Demo


One of the best Metro style scripts that allows you to customize your photo wall, it offers some unique Metro designs, touch device support for swiping, etc. using 100 different tile sizes.

18. Metro JS

More Details || Demo


This jQuery plugin focuses more on themes, live tiles, and application bar where all of its features work well in almost all the major browsers.

19. Metro Help Desk Support Tickets

More Details || Demo


Based on Metro UI and BootStrap, it offers Metro style plugins that provides efficient and prompt support for your help desk ticketing system.

20. jQuery Metro Plugin

More Details || Demo

jQuery Metro Plugin

For those who want to build websites with the new Metro UI, it has Csharp conversion enumerators and iNotifications, which allows you to communicate with site visitors through notifications on the screen.

21. jQuery UI Themes

More Details || Demo


This is one of the Metro style scripts that allow you to customize your website’s themes with the new Metro UI, which looks promising though it is still in its beta phase.

22. Droptiles

More Details || Demo


Built entirely from CSS, HTML and JavaScript, it allows web developers to build their experience using tiles, the mini apps that fetches data from external sources, through the open source Metro style dashboard.

23. UI-Pro – Simple Metro Style Navigation Bar

More Details || Demo


With this Metro style plugins , it is now easier to create simple Metro UI-style navigation bar using just CSS3 with 249 style-able icons and icon fonts.

24. MelonHTML5 – METRO UI

More Details || Demo


If you want your website to become desktop and mobile device-ready with responsive UI design, full HTML5 animations, and customizable tiles, among others; this is the right framework to use.

25. metro.js: recreating Windows 8 UI as a web interface

More Details || Demo


Though this Metro style scripts, which was expanded from a little script that reproduced little animation effect, is not uploaded yet on a public github repository; you can use the script provided to help you recreate Windows 8 UI and expect amazing Metro style plugins soon, so show some love and support it.

30 jQuery Plugins for Amazing Website Design

1. jQuery Nested

1. jQuery Nested

jQuery Nested claims to be different than the rest because it is the only one out there that offers a complete gap-free layout. Whether you see sites on PC, tiltable tablets or smartphones, the grid just moves and makes sure that there are no gaps or idle spaces in between.

2. jResponsive

2. jResponsive

When you need to add jQuery driven layouts that can be changed, edited, and resized the way you want, jResponsive is the solution for creating smooth transitions and effects without the complicate coding.

3. FlexNav

3. FlexNav

FlexNav offers a different kind of experience for fluid, fast, smooth, and seamless transition effects to dropdown menus, which is optimized for devices that are usually touch-navigated.

4. scrollNav.js

4. scrollNav

For a cute-looking side-screen scroll navigator that changes font face depending on the sections of your webpage, aside from the fact that this plugin jquery follows you when scrolling deep down, scrollNav.js does things wonderfully.

5. ClassySocial

5. ClassySocial

ClassySocial combines the classy touch of jQuery effects and the connectivity of various social networking sites, all in one cool impressive package.

6. jQuery Github

6. jQuery Github

You can have your favorite Github Repositories displayed on your page nice and slick with unique jQuery plugins.

7. Flaunt.js

7. Flaunt

This jQuery tool can address the demand for fast-loading and smooth scrolling nested navs.

8. Sidr

8.Sidr – Creating Facebook-Like Side Menus

If you want to have the same effects found in the new Facebook user interface where pressing a button creates a sliding motion that reveals options and links, the Sidr does just that, far better and smoother.

9. Magnific Popup

9.Magnific Popup – Truly Responsive Lightbox

Those who want to have a jQuery-driven photo lightbox can use Magnific Popup, which lessens the burden of your users in waiting for long loading times, while maximizing functionality.

10. slideToucher

slideToucher – Touch Enabled jQuery Plugin for Content Swiping

slideToucher can help you move through the pages left and right, up and down by merely touching the screen and not using the scrolling bars found on the edges of the screen.

11. Flexisel

Flexisel – Responsive Carousel Plugin

Easily defined for providing a flexible carousel, Flexisel provides users an experience of going through different items with seamless effects and faster image loading.

12. Swipebox

Swipebox – A Touchable jQuery Lightbox

Basically, Swipebox is a jQuery-powered lightbox that can be flexible as a keyboard-navigated item in a desktop and swipe-driven lightbox in mobile devices.

13. Photoset Grid

13. Photoset Grid

Setting images in a grid becomes easy with jQuery plugins because all you need to set are the pictures, the grid properties, and everything else will take care of itself, regardless of image size.

14. LiquidSlider

LiquidSlider – A Responsive jQuery Content Slider

Thanks to CSS3, HTML5, and jQuery elements added with LiquidSlider, you can now enjoy clicking through tabs while seeing the responsive layout designs , whether you click one tab after another, or if you skip.

15. – Flexible Dropdowns Based on dot.js Templates

You can now have a unique-looking dropdown menu, which can also be placed with numbers, all for only 2.4kb, which is very lightweight.

16. Unslider

Unslider – A 'Super-Tiny' jQuery Slider

Though it presents a full-page slider that can be navigated by touch, mouse, or keyboard, Unslider is one of those “small but terrible” jQuery plugins when it comes to size against performance all for 3kb.

17. typeahead.js

typeahead.js – A Fully-Featured Autocomplete Library

This jQuery plugin has been designed based on Twitter’s autocomplete search tool, which you can work with your own sets of data.

18. iCheck

iCheck – Customize Checkboxes & Radio Buttons

iCheck helps you create and customize your own set of checkboxes and radio buttons, while assuring clean transitions thanks to jQuery plugins.

19. Image Picker

Image Picker

Image Picker utilizes animation selection with the help of images that can be set in grid, which works whether you click items from the dropdown menu or directly clicking the image.

20. Chardin.js

Chardin.js – Simple Overlay Instructions for Apps

Creating overlay instructions for your site can never be more amazing with this tool where the animation complements well with the texts and the lines.

21. Textillate.js

Textillate.js – A Plugin for CSS3 Text Animations

You can now experiment with text animation with jQuery plugins that lets you see the results of various effects applied to text, which works together with jQuery, animate.css, and lettering.js.

22. jtwt.js

jtwt.js – A Plugin to Display Your Recent Tweets

jQuery-powered recent tweet updates anyone? jtwt.js is the tool you can use for this alternative way of presenting such updates in your site.

23. imageloader.js


Instead of just seeing images pop up after it has been loaded, imageloader.js provides a smooth fade-in effect that makes image appearance more subtle.

24. jQuery Alpha Image Plugin

jQuery Alpha Image Plugin

Setting images to transparent or semi-transparent is actually difficult, but jQuery Alpha Image Plugin addresses that problem very easy with codes.

25. bPopup

bPopup – A jQuery Modal Pop-Up Plugin

For those who wanted to edit and add properties to their popups, bPopup has been created for just that very purpose.

26. Sieve

Sieve – Add an Interactive Search Filter to Any Content

If you have a site that stores database of different things and you want to be searchable within your site, using Sieve jQuery plugins should provide an appeal as the bar is populated depending on what is sought.

27. Perfect-Scrollbar

Perfect-Scrollbar – A jQuery Scrollbar Plugin

Perfect-Scrollbar presents clean, sharp, and auto-fading scrollbars on images, which can also be resized.

28. Pronto

Pronto is one of those special jQuery plugins that is different from the rest of what’s available in this list. Instead of just being a plugin for certain site parameters, it speeds up site page load through HTML5 pushState().

29. scrollUp


When you want “scroll to top” links to become more fashionable and presentable, then this should work for you.

30. jQuery.Pin

jQuery Pin – Pin Any Element Within a Container is a creative way of pinning topmost elements that does not go away when scrolling down.

40 Awesome jQuery Plugins You Need to Check Out

The jQuery developer community has to be one of the most generous and hardworking group of people on the web. They’re constantly churning out amazingly useful and completely free tools that they share with anyone and everyone who wants to use them.

The quantity and quality of free jQuery plugins simply never ceases to amaze me. I’ve been keeping a list of some great ones that I’ve found lately and I thought I’d share it with you. Here are 40 awesome and free jQuery plugins that just about every web developer should check out.



jQuery Waypoints

Waypoints allows you to easily trigger JavaScript events at specific scroll points. Ever wonder how people build those amazing scrolling effects? This could be your answer.



Parallax scrolling for the masses. Skrollr helps you with all kinds of different scrolling effects including transforms, color shifts and more.


Charts, Animations & Tables


A minimalistic approach to an Excel-like table editor in HTML & jQuery. The result is quite impressive, you should definitely give it a shot if you’re looking to build an interactive spreadsheet.


jQuery Sparklines

jQuery Sparklines helps you build little inline charts that are supplied with information via HTML or JavaScript.


Teamwork Gantt

Build incredible Gantt charts with jQuery. Seriously impressive for a free tool.



A jQuery plugin for creating impressive, highly functional data tables. Multi-column sorting with data type detection, smart handling of column widths and more.



Build crazy looking, futuristic, animated and modular graphs. Really cool stuff.



Wookmark jQuery Plugin

Easily build a Msonry-like layout like the one seen on Wookmark. We featured this on Design Shack here.


jQuery Masonry

The original jQuery Masonry. Masonry arranges elements vertically, positioning each element in the next open spot in the grid.



An amazing layout plugin that allows for intelligent and dynamic grids of items that can be easily sorted and filtered.



A lightweight, easy-to-use jQuery plugin for fluid width video embeds.



Gridster is a really amazing plugin that allows you to create flexible grid layouts that can be rearranged via drag and drop. You should definitely try this one.



Another plugin for masonry-style layout. It allows for any size of elements to be packed without using a fixed-size column grid, so you don’t have to worry about specifying a column width appropriate to the size of your elements.



jQuery TextExt Plugin

TextExt is a plugin for jQuery designed to provide functionality such as tag input and autocomplete. According to the developer, it was built on two main values: modularity and extensibility.



Jeditable allows you to set certain HTML elements to be editable by the user. You can even set up different types of events to trigger editing capabilities: hover, click, double click, etc.



A plugin for inflating web type. It actually makes it possible to have text that resizes with the viewport. Extremely useful for responsive web design.


Cool UI

jQuery Knob demo

This plugin allows you to create really cool circular knobs that spin or fill up as you scroll.


noty – A jQuery Notification Plugin

Noty is a jQuery plugin that makes it easy to create alert, success, error, warning, information and confirmation messages as an alternative the standard alert dialog. Each notification is added to a queue.



This plugin helps you build a hidden, slide-in sidebar that contains pretty much anything you want it to.


jQuery Collapse

“This plugin provides you an accessible and lightweight solution to a widely adopted interface pattern known as progressive disclosure.” That’s fancy-speak for a plugin that allows you to make content collapsable.



Awesome and simple modal boxes with a really cool page animation effect.


jQuery One Page Navigation

Smooth scrolling navigation and animation for single page sites. Super simple, incredibly handy.



A great little pagination plugin. Instead of displaying a list of page numbers like traditional pagination methods, jqPagination uses an interactive ‘Page 1 of 5′ input that, when selected, allows the user to enter their desired page number.


jQuery Joyride Feature Tour Plugin

This plugin is from ZURB, which is really all the info I need to know that it’s great. It helps you build little callouts that walk users through the features on your site one step at a time.



jQuery PowerTip

A fairly robust and powerful jQuery tooltip plugin with plenty of options.



Another great tooltip plugin. This one is loosely based on giving you the ability to create Facebook-style tooltips.


Slideshows, Images & Sliders

jQuery Slider Shock

A notably complete responsive jQuery / WordPress slider, with a wealth of options, settings, styles and functionality. Very well documented too!



Backstretch creates dynamically-resized, slideshow-capable background images for any page or element.


jQuery Anystretch

Anystretch is a jQuery plugin that allows you to add a dynamically-resized background image to any page or block level element. The image will stretch to fit the page/element, and will automatically resize as the window size changes.


jQuery Lightbox

A simple lightbox based on prototype and scriptaculous.


FlexSlider 2

FlexSlider is a responsive image slider from WooThemes with awesome features like multi-directional slide animations, semantic markup, touch support and the ability to include any HTML as a slide.



Another simple lightbox plugin. Supports photos, grouping, slideshow, ajax, inline, and iframed content.


WOW Slider

Literally one of the best, most powerful and fully featured sliders on the web. It’s responsive, has lots of different transitions and is packed with everything you could need. Go get it.




Quick, easy and auto-updating timestamps for jQuery. Example: About one day ago.


jQuery Validation

The jQuery Validation Plugin provides drop-in validation for your existing forms, while making all kinds of customizations to fit your application really easy.


jQuery File Upload Demo

A pretty robust file upload plugin for jQuery. Multiple file selection, drag&drop support, progress bars and preview images for jQuery.


jQuery Instagram

Want to show an Instagram feed on your web page? With this little tool, you can.


jQuery Shadow Plugin

Easily add all kinds of different shadows to your HTML elements. Each shadow takes very little code to implement.


Naked Password

This one is ridiculous and potentially offensive, and a little hilarious. To encourage users to implement strong passwords, there’s a little, cartoony and non-detailed illustration (think NES) of a man or woman who gradually undresses as your password strength increases.



I hate mangled-word CAPTCHAs so much that I wrote an article about why we should kill them. This plugin provides a unique alternative that allows the user to bypass security by drawing shapes.


jQuery Transit

Super-smooth CSS3 transformations and transitions for jQuery. Rotate, perspective, skew, scale and more.